The fact that just a few months ago Justin was at his worst and hit rock bottom, and today he’s happy, healthy and thinking like this even when he knows theres still people out there waiting for him to screw up again and watch him fall makes me so unbelievably happy and proud of him you don’t even know.


Justin Bieber Fashion (x)

Justin is a great cook. Even though you would think ‘oh, Justin Bieber – he could have people who cook for him’. He actually prefers to cook and he’s a great cook. He makes food all the time, it was really fun on the last tour, we were really tired of staying in Hotels so we would try to rent houses in different places and different cities and we’d always find a house with a great kitchen and he’d always be in there cooking up a storm. —Dan Kanter (via dadrauhl)

Justin accepting his Champ Of Charity Award from Cody Simpson at the 2014 Young Hollywood Awards.


July 27: Justin at the 2014 Young Hollywood Awards